Corporate World Events
  • 1. MEETINGS. Whether it is a Business Dinner, Board of Director's Meeting, or Share holders' Meeting, these events are perfect to discuss operational and financial strategies.

  • 2. CONGRESS/CONVENTION. A national or international assembly of the company's best and brightest to present new business ventures or directions, and strengthen brand image and product recall

  • 3. PRODUCT LAUNCH/PROMOTIONAL TOURS. The best way to introduce a new product or service is always with a BANG! Our experts will help you make sure your launch has all the perfect ingredients to satisfy a consumer's insatiable appetite.

  • 4. TEAMBUILDING. Motivate your employees, unlock potentials, and gain loyalty. Our team will help you find the right moderators, the perfect venue, and the best team activities.

  • 5. INCENTIVE TRAVEL. The perfect reward to most outstanding employees, to motivate your team, and to increase loyalty.

  • 6. CONFERENCE/SEMINAR. These are important business events to acquire new and relevant information, gain access to latest trends and technologies, and widen your business perspective

  • 7. TRADE FAIR/TRADE SHOW. The perfect venue to showcase and demonstrate the latest products or services of a specific industry. An opportunity to know the market and your rivals.

  • 8. NETWORKING EVENTS. Meet new prospective buyers, establish untapped contacts, and build professional relationships in a cozy, relax, and casual playing field.

  • 8. GROUNDHANDLING. Planning to have your next big event in the Philippines? Let us guide you through the best locations, quality suppliers, and affordable deals. Our team can facilitate assistance in government agencies such as Dept. of Tourism, Bureau of Immigration, Dept. of Foreign Affairs, etc.

Lifestyle & Social World Events
  • 1. RUNAWAY FASHION. Only the best designers, the top models, and the most creative directors are showcased in our runway fashion shows.

  • 2. THEME PARTIES. Have something specific in mind? Our team will make it happen so that your guests will always remember your party.

  • 3. CONCERTS. We provide only the best crew and equipment at par with international standards for live entertainment

  • 4. AWARD-CEREMONIES. Events in honor of a person or an institution. Our experts will walk you through the details.

  • 5. INTERNATIONAL GALA. Whether it is an Ambassador's Ball or a Vin d'Honneur, we will bring luxury and opulence to your event.

Other Services
  • 1. SPONSORSHIP AQUISITION. Get corporate and media sponsors from our database.

  • 2. EVENT CONSULTATION. Need some guidance? Don't know where to start? We will teach you the basics.

  • 3. TALENT MANAGEMENT. We have a pool of talents for all your entertainment requirements.

  • 4. PERSONALIZED EVENTS SERVICES. We cater to your specific needs with fast and quality service.